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HART-US is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, EIN #80-0270142.


Donate any amount to help us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those that are oppressed and persecuted. Be a voice for the voiceless.


Receive one of Baroness Cox's works with a $25 donation

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Support the Lady Cox Centre with a Donation

Your donation will directly support children with disabilities who receive life-changing rehabilitation services at the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabakh.

Support Sasa at Health and Hope with a Donation

Your donation will directly support the work of Health & Hope, providing healthcare training to community members in Burma. Their healthcare training helps to educate communities and avoid preventable illness and disease.

Donate to Hearts for HART

Your donation will allow us to continue to support numerous causes including: The work of the Health and Hope Society led by Dr. Sasa, The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabakh, providing mosquito nets to keep children safe from mosquito-borne illnesses in Uganda, feeding families in the Chin state of Burma, supporting teachers in Nigeria, supporting a cross-border team in Burma that provides medical care for those in desperate need, funding operations for a health clinic in South Sudan, building a chapel at the heart of a health and malnutrition center in East Timor, and many other critical needs.